Thank you for your interest in hiring Cyber Sprocket to assist with your project.

If you have not yet contacted us about your project please do so.   Retainers that have not been pre-authorized will not be honored.


$800 one-time fee


$1,500 one-time fee


$9,000 one-time fee

How It Works

Contact Us

Contact us and tell us about your project.

This will help us determine what level retainer you will need to get started.

Purchase A Retainer

Purchase a retainer for the size project we suggested and we will get you on our development schedule.   We will let you know when we can start your project.  Usually within 10 business days of receiving payment.   You will need to have your preparations completed (see Get Prepared) before we start or you risk being bumped to a later slot on our schedule.

Get Prepared

For all web development work we require you have several things:

  • A current backup of your site.
  • cPanel, SFTP/FTP, or other file-level access to your site.
  • For WordPress sites – a WordPress admin login.
  • For new features/settings/installations/software – a staging site that mirrors the current live site.


We will communicate with you on a regular basis during your project.

In order to retain your scheduled slot you will need to respond within a reasonable time (typically 1-2 business days) to any questions or request for review or risk being delayed to the next available time slot.


If we think your project will exceed the hours on your retainer we will let you know before we start on the next step of your project.  You can always extend your retainer at any time even after we advise you a retainer is depleted.

Keep in mind that we always work on a first-paid-first-served basis.  If time is of the essence we recommend extending your retainer before you need it.

To extend a retainer come back to this page and purchase a new block of time.