SLP Only

Thank you for your interest in hiring Cyber Sprocket to assist with your project. The rates listed here are for Store Locator Plus® Premier or Enterprise clients only. You must have an active Premier license for your WordPress plugins or current Enterprise account on the Store Locator Plus® SaaS offering to use this program.

Locator Assistance

Up to5hours
$500one-time fee

Locator Development

Up to10hours
$800one-time fee

What We Do

Under this program we will login to your site and/or Store Locator Plus® SaaS dashboard and work on meeting your objectives. The service includes up to 5 hours of work on a single day. Depending on our findings and the scope of your work you may choose to purchase additional days as needed.

Most locator assistance projects take less than 5 to 10 hours (1 or 2 business days) to complete.

Some of the services we can provide under this program include:

Locator Setup Assistance

We will help with configuring your Store Locator Plus® environment to provide the user experience you are looking for. This includes providing suggestions and guidance to maximize performance and general usability on the site.

Styling and User Experience Updates

Get your locator looking more like the rest of your site. We can add custom CSS rules and layouts to get the look-and-feel you want with your locator. Changes to other parts of your site not directly related to the locator interface are not included in this program.

General Debugging

Having an issue with the JavaScript not working? Is the Store Locator Plus® app not working as you expect? We will login to your site and help uncover the source of the issue. We will not fix other plugins or themes or general server security issues, but we will provide guidance on who needs to be contacted and what needs to be fixed.

If the problem is caused by a bug in Store Locator Plus® your payment will be refunded.

How It Works

Contact Us

Contact us and tell us about your Store Locator Plus® needs.

Purchase The Locator Assistance Plan

Purchase the locator assistance plan and we will schedule you for the next available support services appointment. Usually within 3 business days. Often within 1 business day.

Get Prepared

You will need several things before we can start.

  • A current backup of your site.
  • cPanel, SFTP/FTP, or other file-level access to your site.
  • A staging site that mirrors your current live site*.

For WordPress plugin users:

  • A WordPress admin login.
  • All Store Locator Plus® plugins must be updated to the most recent version available.
  • You will need to have an active Google Maps API account with the JavaScript Maps service enabled. You will also need to have at least a browser key that is enabled and active.

General Notes:

*For some SaaS implementations your web presence platform may not provide a staging site for testing. Most do. If your platform provides that service you must enable it. For sites that do not have a staging option we will evaluate on a case-by-case basis whether or not we can work on the live site.

With rare exceptions, we will never work directly on a live site.